• S/S 20 Colouring Pages
  • With a lot of us still spending most of our time at home, we're excited to share some downloadable colouring pages - for adults and children alike - to encourage mindfulness and a moment of calm.

    Download your favourite design (or all three!) and print out, or colour directly from your device. The brighter the better!

    We'd love you to show us your creations - tag @janecarr_official and use the hashtag #JANECARRAtHome so that we can share.

    JANE CARR The Pixie Petit Foulard - Colouring Page

    The Pixie Petit Foulard
    Vintage ditsy florals, layered with a two-tone bandana design.
    What colour combination will you choose?


    JANE CARR The Marguerite Petit Foulard - Colouring Page

    The Marguerite Petit Foulard
    A patchwork of graphic seventies florals - we love it in bright, contrast colours!


    JANE CARR The Granny Smith Foulard - Colouring Page

    The Granny Smith Foulard
    Like an advanced version of The Pixie Petit Foulard, use as many colours as you can for total technicolour!