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Fine craftsmanship has always been integral to the JANE CARR brand. We value our close relationships with the people who create our products and with them, endeavour to uphold the timeless traditions and techniques of their art.



Lake Como

Each scarf is manufactured by historic, family-owned mills in Como, Italy, the home of world-class, luxury printing. Dating back over a hundred years, generations of expertise and unparalleled know-how allow the makers to meticulously oversee the process from fibre to finish and produce scarves of the highest quality.


Every JANE CARR printed scarf begins as a unique artwork. Designed in our studio in central London, each one tells its own story, whilst embodying the signature spirit of the brand.


The design artworks are then expertly printed on the finest pure silk and cashmere-blends.


The skilled hands of master craftsmen then finish the scarves with hand-rolled or frayed hems, unparalleled methods that speak to their deep heritage.



Hand-woven in the breathtaking foothills of the Himalayas, our sumptuous cashmere collection is crafted with an enduring dedication to the traditional techniques of local artisans.


Our cashmere comes from the under-fleece of Hircus goats, grown to survive the weather conditions of the mountainous regions they inhabit. A rougher, outer coat protects these super fine and astonishingly soft fibres. Every spring, when the goats naturally shed their coats, shepherds delicately comb and collect the precious yarn.


The wool is then hand-carded, teased, dyed and spun. The highly-skilled makers take the utmost pride in every step of the production process; from raw fibre to the finished piece and are committed to environmentally friendly production as well as respect for their social responsibility in the making process.


The London design team focuses on innovation in colour and composition to ensure the uniqueness of our cashmere collection.